Empowering portraits of children.

It used to be that to get a portrait painted, the subject sat for an artist for hours, giving them time to become familiar and relaxed while the artist studies their features. Today, well, we live in a fast-paced world, and we have constant access to photographs and images. What we are lacking, however, is the intimacy that sitting together for hours begets.

My mission is to paint a portrait to regain that intimacy.

The how:

Through talking with my subjects, showing them what a traditional portrait looks like, and hearing about their passions, I help put together an image of them that accurately reflects their perspective of themselves.

Why this matters:

The images we take of our children are from our viewpoint as parents and adults. By working with kids to help them convey their self image, I seek to empower children to visualize their strengths and passions, and thereby paint a picture of their spirit as well as their likeness.

Independence, Oil on Canvas 2018

Independence, Oil on Canvas 2018